Virtual Visits

During the COVID-19 pandemic, SPC is offering telehealth (virtual) visits to help keep you safe.

Previous restrictions have been temporarily lifted by the government to allow patients access to their doctor during the public health emergency. Insurance companies are covering these visits as regular office visits. Copays and self-pay are paid over the phone with a debit or credit card.  The self-pay deposit is $84.  Please call our Scheduling Department at 615-883-2331 to schedule your telehealth visit.

Telehealth visits are conducted via video through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop/desktop pc with a webcam.

For Android and Apple smartphones & tablets, download & install the Duo app by Google (choose the app with the blue icon).  When you install the app, open it and enter the phone number that you want us to call. You must have access to that number, because Duo will call/text that number to give you a verification code to enter into the app. Once this is done, then you're ready to accept our video call.

If you're using a laptop or desktop pc with a webcam, click this button:

Enter the number you want us to call, and Duo will send a verification code to that number.

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We are not a COVID-19 testing site.

To find a testing center close to you, click this button:

If you have tested positive and would like to consult with your provider, please call our Scheduling Department to schedule a telehealth appointment.

We do offer the antibody test, which tests your blood for the COVID-19 antibodies and shows if you've had the virus. If you would like an antibody test, please call our Scheduling Department to schedule a consultation with your provider.

For information about the virus, click this button:

For information about the vaccine, the timeline for vaccination phases in Tennessee, and how to sign up for an appointment to get the vaccine, click this button: 

For now, it is too early to know when or if we will be administering vaccines at our facility. In the meantime, please continue to take precautions and follow the guidance of our local health department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including wearing a mask, washing your hands and maintaining social distancing to help slow the spread of the virus.

If you have have questions about the vaccine or would like feedback from your provider, please call our Scheduling Department to schedule a consultation.