Superior Care for the Entire Family: Infants to Seniors

​​​​​​Patient Portal

We have a secure patient portal that allows you to send messages and view test results.

If you have not yet created your portal account, then please ask for a Release of Medical Information form at your next visit.  (For your protection & due to HIPAA privacy & security regulations, we will not do this over the phone.  We also will not change the email associated with your portal account over the phone.)

Our portal moved to a new server on 1/9/23, so if you had a portal account prior to 1/9/23, then please call us so that we can email you with instructions and a new link.

For more information, please click this button: 

Click this button to go to the portal website: 
(This link will not work if you have not created a new account since 1/9/23 - see above.)

If you are using a smartphone or tablet, it is recommended that you use the Healow app, as the website does not work properly on mobile browsers.   

Practice Code:  ICGACD  (Advanced Diagnostics)


If you have forgotten your username or password for the portal, then please use the link titled "Trouble logging in?" where you enter your username and password.

If you still have difficulty logging in or resetting your password, then please call us for assistance.

Please be advised that the extent of our support is resetting passwords and enabling accounts.

We are unable to provide technical support for your computer or other electronic devices.

For additional assistance, please review these guides:

​​Medical Records

​​Medical records requests can be submitted online by clicking this button:

Thank you for choosing Summit Primary Care for your medical care.